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Welcome to Caribou!

We are a Taichung-based small company composing of 50 passionate employees founded in 1999. We specialize in the fabrication all sort of bicycle frames made of aluminum, chrome-moly steel, and stainless steel materials from Reynolds (UK), Columbus (Italy), Dedaccia (Italy), KVA (USA), Easton (USA), and Tange (Japan) as well as Made in Taiwan tubes with customized design as well as our own open model frames which were designed by our sub-contracting designers from Germany, France, and the U.S.

Being attracted by the reputation of our well-skilled workmanship, high-end products, and high quality, we have been much honored to work quite solidly and closely with quite a few well-known brands of USA, Canada, and Europe for years.

We think big, we act wise, we produce fine!


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