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2014-15 CARIBOU New Frames

Check out Caribou 2014-15 new frames lineup !!

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Caribou at Taipei Cycle, Mar5-10, 2014

Dear friends and customers,

The New Year 2014 is already arrival and the Taipei Cycle Show is calling again.
After refining once again, here is the notice of Caribou’s NEW products for you.
QB-PINION-Hardtail // 650B MTB, compatible with PINION gear box + Gates belt drive
Fed up with rear derailleur and their costly maintenance?! Want to offer your customers something radically different from anything else?! Please welcome our Hardtail designed around the Pinion gearbox. We also have another suspension version while creating this model since we realized that all the advantages of that system would be amazing on MTB models.
Don’t forget: less maintenance = more ride!!!
QB-ES650B // 650B E-Suspension 130mm travel, compatible with  BOSCH 2014 New Version
It’s designed for the next benchmark in pedelec system- this year, again, Caribou upgrade by version 2 for matching the Bosch new 2014 E-bike System that provides a greatly improved clearance with the ground, more torque, and new shifting algorithm for shifting under load. It was designed to allow you to trounce all of your personal best records on an MTB and take you to the top 1% of athletes worldwide! We also managed to define a consistent geometry while using 27.5” wheels. Combined with 130mm of travel, it gives you the perfect all-around combo. The slack head angle provides stability for a bike that can go fast and steady in downhill and that will go at 25 KPH (at least) on all the profiles! You will enjoy the great torque of the Bosch’s system on that super steep climb you never dare trying. Consistent geometry and big wheels will provide to the laziest among us the bike they were looking for!!!”
New stainless steel material:
Reynolds 921 frame// 650B and 700C
Reynolds have launched a new stainless tube-set, branded 921, to expand our range of stainless alloys that already include the 953 margin steel and 931 precipitation hardening steels.  This range of tubing is expected to be around 60% of the cost of 953, and opens up a new sector for quality stainless steel sets. The tensile strength, at over 1000 MPa, makes this probably the highest strength, cold-worked tubing in the bike industry at present.
Come to Caribou to check-out our 650B MTB and Road-Racing frames.
New open model for MY2014-MY2015:
QB DH // DOWNHILL with 200mm Travel
This DH design with 2014 evolution version 2 has simple/light weight four bar linkage and a virtual pivot point. The forces on the linking points are really reduced compared to some other systems. Progressive suspension ratio providing a strong balance; Very compact front triangle make the rider easy to handle and super stiff.

Caribou new French R&D Consultant— “Fred and Alex” from AntidoteSolutions

Since 2012-May, “AS” become Caribou’s consultant.

With “AS” participation, we believe Caribou will always keep the best service on every kind of project and will yield the greatest results for you.


Caribou at Taipei Cycle, Mar7-10, 2012

This year at Taipei Cycle 2012, we had a very successful show our latest frame products and had a wonderful time welcoming every visitors and our customers.






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